Preparing Your Home For Sale in Palm Beach County-What to do BEFORE you List your house

                                 #1 Start thinking of your home as a Product to be marketed.

As a Home Stager in Palm Beach County I’ve noticed that more and more my clients are coming to me directly from the Internet and before they’ve listed their home.   These are savvy homeowners who know that in today’s market to get their home sold it will take more than just a fresh coat of paint and a good cleaning (although that’s a good start).  It is important that your house/product is ready to sell before the first Brokers Open House where your Realtor will introduce your new listing to other Realtors. Yes, you can always make changes after the fact and I know the natural tendency is to hurry up and get it listed but if it’s not ready to be viewed, then you will be wasting a valuable opportunity to show off your house in its best light.  I know this is a cliche but you have One  Chance to make a good first impression.  And with Realtors working harder and harder, it is not easy (or even impossible) to get them to pay a return “visit” to your house if they weren’t impressed the first time.   You need to make the most of every showing.     

         Room Service Home Staging   Before you put that For Sale sign in your front yard, you need to change how you view where you live. Whether you’re in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach or anywhere else, the moment you put up the For Sale sign you must now think of your home as a product to be marketed.  Yes, it is where your children grew up; where you’ve spent countless Sunday’s in the backyard at the grill; or where you have lived for twenty years, however to the buyer’s eye  it is none of these. It is a product that is competing with countless others out there.  

The next time you go shopping think about what you buy.  What brings your eyes to that product?  Why that particular shelf or rack?  Trust me it’s not because it’s covered in dust or in a worn brown box.  In fact, your eyes will typically travel to the product that sits on a shelf that’s at eye level; it’s easy to see.  It may be in a well known or recognizable package.  One with which you’re familiar; or it may be in a new or redesigned package with colors and graphics that are meant to appeal to everyone.  


Room Service Home Staging

The leopard wall that you put countless hours  in painting and getting it just right will not get your house on the Top Shelf in the “House For Sale” Store!  Yes, you’ve had many compliments from your friends.  And, you love it!  But,  the product you are marketing needs to appeal to a broad range of buyers.  Yes, it could be that the next buyer that walks in the door loves anything with animal print but you don’t know that.  Neither will your Realtor.  What will happen is your buyer will walk in and focus on the wall and how much it will cost them to paint it.  They may even wonder about who painted it.  What they won’t be focused on is  whether they can see themselves in this property and if it will be a consideration in their search.  

So, grab a pen and make notes because  this series will show you what you need to do make your home more marketable and maximize your investment.    Your home is now a HOUSE.  Our next step will be to see how others see it.

Of course, for those of you who would like some help, Room Service! Home Staging is always available for Home Staging Consultations or Team Staging Projects of Occupied or Vacant Properties.  


                                                      ROOM SERVICE ! HOME STAGING



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