American Orchid Society in Delray Beach host Annual Fall Orchid Show

Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach Florida is so lucky to have the American Orchid Society’s headquarters in our own backyard.  This 85 year “young” organization is more than a membership society.  There are beautiful grounds covering 3.5 acres and a 4000 square foot greenhouse with orchids of every imaginable color.    

   American Orchid Society Gardens at the AOS

The AOS is there to provide orchid education and research, orchid culture assistance, organize and maintain the orchid judging system, and “ensure the preservation and perpetuation of the species.”  There is a small gift shop and plenty of volunteers on hand to answer your questions.  And, if you have an orchid that is “under the weather” there is a volunteer Orchid Doctor to tell you if your orchid has fungus, mold, or just needs some additional TLC. 

There are Group Tours of the garden and greenhouse available by appointment as well as Bus Tours to take you down to Miami for the Annual Miami Orchid Show and the very popular Redlands International Orchid Festival  

For those who love wine, music and the outdoors, there’s Wine & Music in the Gardens.  It’s held on the third Thursday of the month during Season from 5:30 -7:30.  What better way to enjoy the wonderful weather Delray Beach has to offer and support an integral partner in our community.

The AOS Headquarters has survived Hurricane Wilma and, like so many of us, the hard economic times that are upon all of us.  Earlier this year, the AOS was considering closing the gift shop as well as the gardens and greenhouse to the public.  Lack of donations and increasing costs were a concern when facing  their annual budget meetings as well as the slow summer months that lay ahead.  Thanks to a Save Our Garden pledge campaign, volunteers are now helping to maintain the gardens as well as the large greenhouse. 

Falling for OrchidsAmerican Orchid Society


Orchid Society show  American Orchid Society

For more information : 561-404-2000.  Hours are Monday thru Sunday from 10-4:30p.m.


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