This Thanksgiving week, I am Thankful my Grandmother didn’t like Sweet Potatoes!

I have a lot to be thankful for but much of what I have would not be possible if my mother’s mother, my grandmother, had  liked sweet potatoes.   

When I was in elementary school in Houston and studying history and learning about other countries, I distinctly remember saying to myself how lucky I was to have been born in the United States. I knew I never wanted to live anywhere else.  Both of my parents were born here (Arizona and Arkansas).  My father and my uncle served in the military during WWII.  My dad was a photographer in what was then the Army Air Corps. 

 US Flag                              From an early age we were taught respect and love for our country.  When I turned 21 and was able to vote in my first Presidential election, my mother walked with me to stand in line and proudly told everyone there that this was my first time to vote.  We knew everyone there but nevertheless, as any 21 year old would be, I was mortified. 

If my Grandmother hadn’t disliked Sweet Potatoes, I could have been born in China!

The Great Wall of China

 Not the China as we know it in 2009 but the China of, well let’s just say, long ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against China; after all millions live there.  But for me, not being born here would have meant not growing up a TEXAN!   No rodeos, no cowboys, and OMG no FOOTBALL!  

The Great State of Texas There would not have been afternoons pretending I was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.  No summers playing outside after dinner until the last ounce of sunlight was gone.  No staying up all night waiting to hear Frankie Avalon sing “Venus”.  (OK, I just dated myself, didn’t I).

So how does this relate to sweet potatoes??          Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

My grandmother was born in China and lived with her aunts and uncles. (her own parents had been lost at sea).  When she was just a little girl, another set of relatives were making their way to America and said they had room for one more.  My grandmother’s aunt said “Take her; she doesn’t like to eat sweet potatoes!”                                                                                                

young Asian girl

And THAT is why I’m thankful my grandmother didn’t like sweet potatoes!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at ActiveRain, and no I have no idea why not liking sweet potatoes would have made a difference.


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