Simple last minute decorating tips to make your house more festive even if your house is on the market.

Your house is on the market and you’ve followed your Home Stager’s suggestions for making it more marketable in today’s market.   You’ve packed everything that isn’t needed and placed it in storage; removed all of your personal photos and simplified your accessories.  BUT, this is the holiday season and you’ll be having guests over. What can you do to help make your house more festive yet still be able to show well?

1. Start with a simple door wreath.  It can be as simple as a wreath with a simple bow or a few festive ornaments.  If you are using a fresh wreath, make sure you check it for dead branches or leaves.  If it’s one you’ve used over the years, take a critical look to make sure you’re not placing another “worn” or dated accessory in your house.

Holiday Wreath

Keep it Simple


2. The same caveat applies to Holiday Decorations that apply to your other accessories.  Less is More.  Avoid placing all of your holiday collectibles and treasures out.  You’ll only reclutter what you sought so hard to declutter.   A few large glass vases filled with balls will give your home a fesitve look without adding too much distraction from the room. 

Simple yet Festive


3. If you have young children and opt for a Christmas tree, keep in mind that your house may be shown during the holidays and people will be walking through.  Make sure pathways are unobstructed and any wires out of the way and hidden.  It’s best not to advertise your packages  beneath the tree but if is seems bare to you then choose  a few and wrap them in solid paper (the same color)  with simple bows.

No one wants to take away the holiday spirit from you when your house is on the market, but it is still important to keep your house competitive.  If in doubt, contact your local Home Stager.


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