Home Staging in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Home Staging in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Take a look at what these Boynton Beach DIY Sellers were able to do after our Home Staging Consultation! If you’re thinking about listing your home, you are probably painfully aware that in today’s market your house must be able to meet the competition head on.  That means decluttering (or editing), repairing, cleaning and showcasing your home’s assets.  

This is where you’ll want to enlist the services of a Professional Home Stagerwho can provide a consultation designed specifically for your home. You’ll receive detailed notes on how YOU, the DIY Seller can make your home more competitive.

Learn more about Preparing Your Home for Sale In Palm Beach County !

House for Sale
It doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact, your investment  in Staging will be LESS than your first price reduction.  According to a recent Home Gain Survey, Home Staging ranks 2nd only to decluttering for Return on Investments. Just take a look at what these DIY (Do It Yourself) Sellers were able to accomplish after our Home Staging Consultation. 

After -Boynton Beach Family Room

 The Family Room offers a cozy gathering place.  The lines are clean and the area rug helps to anchor the furniture.  During the consultation, the Sellers worked with the Stager (me) to Reposition the furniture into a more comfortable seating area.

After-Boynton Beach FL Master Bedroom

The Seller’s Bedroom was spacious and full of
light.  Our DIY Sellers Staged this room by removing all personal belongings on the dresser and adding new linens to give the room a crisp up-to-date look!

After-Boynton Beach, FL Media Center

Why not get an early start on your packing like these Sellers did?  Books and smaller items were packed ready for the move to the new home.  So, rather than distracting future Buyers with personal photos and collections, this uncluttered media center helped show the room’s spaciousness. 

Staged Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want to cook in this Kitchen?  The clean countertops let the Buyer actually SEE the space available!

If you’re a DIY Seller and are listing your home follow these tips:

1. Talk to a Professional Realtor knowledgeable in your area and listen to their advice when they suggest a listing price!
2.  Hire a Professional Home Stager and at the very least get a Consultation which will outline specifically what you can do to make your home more marketable.
3.  Remove, ReArrange, RePair, RePlace and RePosition any items that takes away from your house being at the top of a Buyer’s Must-See list.
4.  Clean, Clean and Clean some more.

For more information on this listing, contact Shelly Rappel at 954-612-0000


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