Can you afford NOT to Stage your home?

Selling your house is never easy nor without expense.  There’s the Realtor’s commission, Home Inspection fees, and moving expenses just to name a few.  So when your Realtor mentions staging your home, you’re probably wondering if you want to add to your growing list of expenses.

But ask yourself…. can you afford Not to Stage your home?

Today’s Home Buyers begin their search on the internet. Your MLS photos will start the selling process and if all you have are just 1 or 2 pictures, or if most of your pictures are of the exterior of your house or the community entrance and pool area, then Buyers will move on.  This is a RED FLAG to Buyers.  Little or no photos or (and I don’t know how these get on the MLS) photos of cluttered rooms and unappealing designs do not say “Call your Realtor and schedule an appointment!”

What do your MLS photos say about your home?

You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression.  What does your home say to a Buyer when they pull up to your house?   Curb Appeal is more than just a catch phrase.  With so much product on the market, Buyers can afford to be choosy when deciding which homes to view.   Some Buyers will cancel an appointment if they don’t like what they see when they pull up to the curb.

What do you see when you pull up in front of your house?

The Buyers today want a house that is in move-in condition. With the exception of investors who purposely are seeking a “fixer upper” so they can pay well below market value, most Buyers do not want to have to walk through a house tabulating the cost of repairs, new carpet, new paint, new appliances, etc.

What will the tab be for your house when Buyers walk through?

According to the 2009 HomeGain Survey of the Top 12 DIY Home Improvements for Sellers, Staging is 2nd only after cleaning and decluttering. Staging offers a 586% Return on Investment for the smart Seller who invests in Home Staging.  This is by far lower than your first Price Reduction.

What investments are you willing to make towards moving to your new home?

Statistics show that on average 94.6% of ASP Staged homes sell in 33 days or less. Photos of a Staged home will help drive traffic to your home; a well prepared and Staged home along with a realistic Price will help it compete in the current market.

Without making the investment in Staging and preparing your home for sale, are you willing to endure weeks or months of keeping your home “Show Ready”?

Can you afford NOT to Stage your home?

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