Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Size Will Make a Difference!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Size Will Make a Difference!

If you are planning on selling your house cleaning and decluttering will add so much to your home’s perceived value. However,  something else to keep in mind is SIZE!

Consider these 4 tips:

1.  Buyers do still look at square footage.  Your buyer will want to SEE what they’re getting for their hard earned money.    Your home or rooms may actually BE of good size, but their PERCEIVED size may be affected by TOO MUCH… too  much furniture… too much clutter.

2. Over-Sized or Too much Furniture only serves to make your room look Under-Sized!   Buyers will wonder if their own furniture will fit in the space OR they’ll question if there is enough space in the room for them.
A good solution is to either remove some of the pieces to achieve a more spacious look OR consider storing the pieces  and rent appropriately sized pieces.

3. Large walls and high ceilings call for appropriately sized accessories and paintings.  Think in terms of scale.  If you have a fireplace with a large mantle, rather than cluttering it with several smaller items, consider 3 well placed larger accessories.

Placing the bed on a larger frame and adding a headboard or larger art work would have helped with the scale of this master suite.

4.  A Two-car garage is expected, a 3 car garage is every man’s dream.  Gourmet kitchens, Master bedroom suites, spa-like master baths and a large garage are selling points.  Contrary to  what you may think, Buyers WILL look in the garage!  They need to be able to see the space!

cluttered garage

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