Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Do THIS BEFORE You Put Your House on the Market!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Do this BEFORE you put your house on the market!


You may think that the first thing to do when you decide to sell your house is to paint, clean and call the Realtor but hold on….. there’s something very important that you’ve forgotten.

Go out the front door of your home… now turn around and take a deep breath.. .relax…..   Now before you go back in, I want you to repeat this line: “This is no longer my home… this is now a House that I am going to sell

You see, one of the biggest mistakes a Seller makes when selling their house is that they keep thinking of it as their home, and not a product to be marketed.

You may have liked that bright red wall  in the living room but not everyone will.  And don’t take it personally if your Stager suggests you remove all of the faux plastic flowers you have throughout the house.

But you’ve lived in your home for years.. your children may have grown up here, you have celebrated many holidays here and you put many hours of effort into making it just the way you want it.

Here’s what you need to do:

1.  Grab your digital camera and take photos of each room.. first standing at each door and taking a shot, then one from each corner of the room.

2. Upload these to your computer.

3. Grab a cup of coffee , get in front of the computer and let the show begin!  Start viewing each room, just as if you were seeing it for the first time.  What do you see.. what do you feel?

87+% of Buyers begin their search on the Internet… thanks to Zillow, Trulia and countless other websites. 

If your house isn’t showing well in the photos on the Internet… the Buyer is going to move on.  No viewing appointments=No Sale!

Much as may love our home, when it’s time to move you need to view it in a different light. 

That’s ok though… because once this house is sold, you’ll be ready to create your new HOME!

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