Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- My House is Vacant. Why Do I Need To Stage My House?

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton.. Why Do I Need to Stage My House?

Some people might think that if your home is vacant that the rooms will appear bigger.  But here are reasons why you should consider staging at least the primary rooms of your house.

1.  When Buyers begin their search for a home, they’re doing it now via the Internet.  An MLS photo of your house with vacant rooms says nothing to the Buyer.  It gives them no reason to want to set up a viewing appointment.

2.  With nothing else on which to focus, the Buyer will focus on any flaws your house may have.   This does not mean that you should cover up anything in your house, but Buyers will see paint jobs, cracks, bumps, or will focus on what your house DOESN’T have.

3.  Rooms actually can appear smaller without furniture.  They will want to know if the Master Bedroom can hold a Queen or King-sized bed… they will want to see if the eat- in area will hold their table.

4. With some rooms that might prove to be a challenge to design, furniture and accessories can help show the Buyer how it could be used.  One of the first things a Buyer will want to know is “Where will the Television go?”

5.  Using well-placed furniture and accessories will help the Buyer “see” themselves in the house; it will help them visualize their own lifestyles there.

6. And here’s another very practical reason why furniture is needed.  Buyers will need to see your house and that means you need light.  Having tables will provide a place for lamps, which add to the warmth of the house.

Take a look below… which rooms are more appealing to you?

Room Service Home Staging- beforeRoom Service Home Staging- After


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