Home Staging Tips In Boca Raton- What to do with that LONG Room!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to do with that Long Room!

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If you’re selling your house, whether in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, or anywhere in the country… you’ll need to help Buyers see each room’s possibilities.    If they are walking through your house wondering what to do with “that” room or whether their Queen-sized bed will fit, then your chances of getting that offer can diminish.

For example, because we love to entertain and we live a casual lifestyle in South Florida, many of the homes have an open floor plan with the family room and dining area combined.  This works out beautifully when we do entertain, but if your house is vacant or even if it’s occupied, you need to show a Buyer just how the room can ‘live”.

Without furniture, a combination family and dining area can look like a long bowling alley.  Take a look:

where will everything go?


This is a wonderful room with plenty of light.  But not everyone will be able to “see” where they need to place their furniture.



It doesn’t take much…. just enough to let the buyer envision themselves in this room!

Now you can see how you might "live" in the room.



Call Room Service! Home Staging for more information!



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