Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Do with all that Clutter!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What Do you Do with all that Clutter!

Unless you’ve been in hiding, the big “D” word in staging is DECLUTTER!  If your home is on the market, you’ve heard this from your Realtor, your good friends, your mother, HGTV and your friendly Home Stager.

It’s easier said than done… right!  It’s all you can do to work, get your home sold, pack and get the new house ready.  BUT… this is a job that must be tackled.  You need Buyers to be able to see what they’re buying… and what they’re buying is NOT your stuff. 

Take a look at this Boca Raton Bathroom:

I think there might be a counter here!

Now a Buyer can see that there's a counter!

See what a difference just packing up your “Stuff” can make!

You’ve heard this before … but the best place to begin is right in front of you.  Get large boxes or bags and sort:

First Rule- if you haven’t used /worn it in a year… if you can replace it should you need it… then toss it or donate it.

Pile 1-Trash– This is probably the easiest pile.  You’d be amazed at what things you have around that really need to be just tossed.  Items that can’t be repaired; items that absolutely no one would want or could use.. belong here.

Pile 2- Donate it- Now this is where you get your conscience to help you… think of that business suit that still fits you but you don’t wear anymore.  There are people out there who would love a professional outfit to wear to work.  Dress For Success helps women hoping to enter the work force.

Pile 3-Pack it– Yes there are items that will go with you to your new house, however except for those items you use daily, pack up everything else.  You’re going to anyway when you move, so why not get started now.

You can go to your local Target or other home store and purchase inexpensive storage bins for those items that you do keep.

Don’t forget Cleaning and DeCluttering can bring you a 586% Return On Your Investment!

Room Service! Home Staging
Kathy Streib


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