Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

This may not be the time to move but you desperately want a change.  Knocking down walls and reworking plumbing in your current home may not be something you or your budget wants to tackle now but nothing says you have to keep everything the same.

Try these easy projects to put the WOW back into your bathroom.

1. Mirrors– most of us have the builder basic 1 big mirror over our vanities.  If you’ve lived in your home long enough you may be seeing some desilvering around the edges.  One of the easiest fixes is to frame your existing mirror.

Measure you mirror and make a trip to your local hardware store.   Pick out some molding… have it cut… stain it if necessary.. and New Mirror!!

You don’t have to frame the whole mirror.. take a look-

Mirror within a Mirror!

2.  Lights-  If your bathroom has the same light fixtures that came with your home it may be time to make a change.  This is especially true if your lights are the long strip with large round bulbs.

Nice but very basic.

New lights can add some pizzaz

3. Fixtures-  This one might require some extra help but is so worth it.  Take a look at your current plumbing fixtures and cabinet pulls.  Going online or to your local hardware store will give you an idea of what’s currently “in”.

New fixtures can make a big difference!

4. Paint- Once you have decided on new mirrors, fixtures and lighting and before you do anything else you will probably want to consider painting.   And, you may want to paint your cabinets.

5. Artwork!  Bathroom art doesn’t have to be about…. bathrooms!  So take down the cute pictures of a little girl sitting on the commode and choose pieces just like you would for the rest of your house.

Pick pieces you like


Put the WOW back into your Bathrooms!

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