Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton-Time to Get some Sense about Scents!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- It’s Time to Get some Sense about Scents! 

Buyers want to smell "Fresh"

If your home is on the market you know that Buyers are not only looking at your house…. they’re smelling it as well.

Just as you don’t want excess clutter to detract a Buyer,  you don’t want hidden, or not so hidden, odors to distract your Buyer.  Pet odors … last night’s fried fish…. smoke and being closed up can be a huge turn off to potential Buyers.  You want them to linger in your house… checking out each room…. visualizing themselves living  there.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:

1.  Don’t try to cover it up!  Lighting candles in every room is not only a fire hazard but it signals to the Buyer that you may be covering something up.

2. Baking cookies or simmering cloves  just before a showing is very last century.   Yes.. everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies but realistically can you be there to have baked cookies for every showing??

3. Don’t ignore it!!  If you have pets… chances are you have some sort of lingering odor.  Your nose may be immune to it, so ask a relative, friend or your Realtor for an honest answer…. “Does My House Smell?”


1. Do find the source of your odors!  When you live in a house… it is really easy to become immune to any lingering

Let the Fresh Air In!

odors.  Is there a mold issue?  The spices you use on a daily basis may still be in the air.  Your pets may have had an accident that you did not catch.  Window coverings, carpet, upholstered  furniture may have odors trapped in them.

2. Do try to give your house a “clean-fresh” smell…. which is probably no smell!  Weather permitting open the windows and let the fresh air in when you can.    Natural and inexpensive products like baking soda and vinegar can be used throughout the house.

3.  Get Help!  There are times when you have to bite the bullet and get professional help.  You can go on the Internet and you’ll find ozone machines that are supposed to remove odor.   I have not used one, nor do I know of anyone who has but they’re worth investigating.
Check out your local listings for companies that specialize in removing pet urine odors,

Help your house sell itself….and Get some Sense about Scents!

For More Information :

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