Interior Redesign Tips in Boca Raton- TV Screen Size vs Viewing Distance..How to Choose!

Interior Redesign Tips in Boca Raton- TV Screen Size vs Viewing Distance… How to Choose!

Many families are opting to stay in their homes these days rather than try to sell it in our less than perfect market.   And while they’re waiting…they may be contemplating doing some remodeling and updating of their

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homes… either to make it the way they want it while living in it or with the possibility of placing it on the market in a few years.

You’ve decided to update your Family Living area, and in many cases that involves the new big screen television….. just great for Sunday afternoon football games or watching a DVD  on family movie night.

Now here’s where decision time comes… what size television can you buy for the room?It’s natural to want to buy the largest screen that is available for your budget.  But what about

Can we get a larger screen?

Can we get a larger screen?

some other considerations?

Here are a few questions you need to ask:

1. What is the size of your room?

2. Given your current furniture placement, how far will anyone be from the Television screen?    How close will you be?

3.  What style will mesh best with your current furniture?

4.  Will your television be the first thing someone sees when they walk in the room?

According to various sources, the optimal distance for viewing is no closer than 1.5 times the screen size and no further away than 2 times the screen size.

Using this calculation, the suggested distance for a 50″ screen would be no closer than 6.25 feet and no further than 8.3 feet away.

NOTE:  if you are planning on selling your house in the near future, keep in mind that you don’t want to buy a television so large that it dwarfs the room and becomes the focal point. 

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