Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Don’t Play the Wait and See Game!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Don’t Play the Wait & See Game!

It’s too easy NOT to put your home in Move-In Condition when you sell your house.   After all… you’re focusing on the move to your new home and you have a family and work to contend with.  Right?……
   WRONG!  Selling your house is never fun or easy and unless you just enjoy having strangers coming in and out to see your home for months on end… or unless you like having to live as if you’re in a model home for months… and unless you like paying for mortgages, utilities, etc for 2 houses… then YOUR HOUSE NEEDS TO BE IN TIP-TOP CONDITION BEFORE YOU LIST YOUR HOUSE!

Are you losing money?   

Not Staging Your house before you list it can cost you money!

Your Realtor will need to be able to post Clear and Show-Ready pictures of your house on the MLS.   Why is that so important?  87+% of Buyers will begin their search on the Internet.  Your photos need to shout Take A Look At Me!”

You can’t get an offer if no one is looking at it!

Buyers will look at DOM- Days On Market.   Typically the first 2 weeks are when your house will be in its Prime.  As DOM lengthens… Buyers will feel as if they’ve been handed a license to offer a low bid.  They will wonder why it hasn’t sold.

Remember what they say about First Impressions?  Well, it’s true.  Once a Realtor has seen a property in poor condition, it is highly unlikely that they will return even if you call and send a personal invitation.  Realtors are busier than ever with paperwork.  If they do not have clients for your now-staged house, they will probably not pay a return visit.

Don’t waste those first two weeks when your house is on the market… make sure your home is Move-In Ready!



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