Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Ask Before You Rent Offsite Storage.

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Ask Before You Rent Offsite Storage!

If your house is on the market, chances are your Realtor, Home Stager, or your friends and family have suggested you eliminate some of the clutter in your home.  

Start Packing.. you''ll be moving soon!

Invest in an offsite storage unit.

Packing up boxes and moving them and excess furniture to your garage may not work.  Buyers still need to see if your garage really can hold 2 cars!  As a Professional Home Stager, I often suggest that my clients consider renting an offsite storage facility so that the boxes and clutter will not eat up your homes square footage.

This does not have to break the bank either… consider this, for every month your home is on the market it is costing you money, time and inconvenience.  Investing in off-site storage can help facilitate your move and get you into your new home.

What do you need to know?  First of all… you can rent month to month so you’re not locked into a long term commitment.

1.  Prices can vary from site to site even with the same company.  I found out when I spoke to a representative of  one of the larger Off-Site Storage facilities that rates revolve around real estate.   It’s just like housing… location, location location.  So when calling for rates, don’t limit yourself to the nearest facility.  There be one 5 minutes away whose rates may be less.   When possible, call the Toll Free number and speak to a national representative at least to get the various rates in  your area. 

2. Is Climate Control Available?  Not all units will have climate control.  You know the ones with the roll up doors?  Not climate controlled.  Depending upon what you’re storing and how long you’ll be storing your items, you may prefer one that has climate control.

3. What floor is available?  Again, location is key.  If you want the convenience of a first floor location, you most likely will pay extra for it.   Most have elevators but take into consideration how much you will have and if you will need any assistance when moving.

4. What season is it?  Believe it or not, there are seasons for off-site facilities.  For example, the summer rates are the real rates; typically there is less demand during the Fall or Winter months and rates are often less.

5. Live in a College town?  If you need a facility just before the end of school call ahead.  You may have a hard time finding one to lease.

6.  Get it locked in. Rates can change every day so if you call and are quoted a rate, make sure to find out when it expires.  And, when your are ready to rent, double check the quote.



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2 responses to “Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Ask Before You Rent Offsite Storage.

  1. These are great storage tips that often get overlooked during the busy time of trying to sell a home. Removing the boxes, crates, storage containers, etc. after decluttering will help the property show at its best.

  2. Hi Anita, and thanks for stopping by. I often see sellers who’ve used their garage for storage… so much so you can no longer see it.

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