Boca Raton Home Staging- How To Stage Your Home for the Holidays.

Everyone loves the holidays … it’s a chance to have some fun with our homes and bring out the decorations.   If your home is on the market, it doesn’t mean you have to forego any holiday decorating… just keep in mind that the same ideas for staging your home also apply to holiday decorations.

Here are some tips that will help you have a great holiday but will also allow your home to be seen by a Buyer. 

1. Your Front Door– If you place a wreath on your front door make sure it is not so large that it becomes awkward for aKeep it simple. Buyer entering your house.  Keep it simple, even a fresh green wreath can be festive.

2. Outdoor Decorations- It is best to save your giant blow-up Santa-in-a-Snow Globe for next year.  The same goes for all of the little candy canes and flashing lights.  Remember, during the day when your house is being shown, these items just look like clutter on your lawn.
This doesn’t mean you can’t put up any lights… in fact Buyers often drive by homes that are on their short list to consider, and they will drive by at night.  Carefully placed lights outlining your door or the architecture can help it stand out for them.

3. Christmas Trees-  Think Staging…. If your tree is so tall it blocks a path or the view, it’s time to consider something smaller.  If you have to move your furniture around to make room for it, creating a room that doesn’t seem to make sense or flow well…. think about no tree, a smaller tree, or a table top tree.

4.  Decorations- Keep these to a minimum and remember…use them to enhance the area.  Consider the colors you use.  For example, many of the homes in South Florida use a lot of light pink and green.  Choose decorations, in white, for example so they won’t clash.  Choose white candles over red.

You do not have to place a holiday decoration on every wall or flat space.  Pick focal areas such as a mantle, entry table, kitchen island or sofa table.  Place a grouping of 3 candlesticks , pillar holders or hurricanes on your entry table.
Add dried cranberries in the bottom of a hurricane  then place a pillar candle in the cranberries.   Fill a tall hurricane Group in threessleeve with ornaments of the same color, for example.

As in staging or home decorating, it’s better to have 1 or 2 larger accessories rather than a lot of smaller items that appear too busy.

Staging Your Home for the Holidays can help get you in the mood especially during the stressful time of trying to sell your house.  Just remember to keep it simple!


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