Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Twas the Night Before…..

A Holiday Poem-Twas the Night Before Selling    

Twas the Night before Selling

When all through the house,

Not a Creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse.

All the Tschotskes were scattered everywhere with no care

Still hoping some Buyers soon would be there.

The Children were upstairs attached to their iPods

While visions of a new home danced in their heads.

But the Sellers, you see, were losing their cool,

For they feared they’d forgotten all Good Staging Rules.

When out in the driveway their arose such a clatter,

They looked out their dirty window to see what was the matter.

Past the rooms full of clutter, down the worn stairs they ran.

Out their faded front door,  “Watch out for that Can!”

The sun shown bright light on their stained driveway outside

No flowers, just hedges and a lawn that had died.

But what to their wondering eyes should appear

ButRoom Service! Home Staging.  “She’s here, have no fear!”

Just a little old Stager, so lively and quick,

“Let’s get this house sold. Come on, Lickety Split!”

More rapid than arrows her orders came out,

As she gestured and shouted so there would be no doubt:

Now Vacuum, Now Broomstick,

Now Mop and New Paint Can,

On Comet, On Clorox,

On Boxes On Windex

To the Top of the Porch

To the Top of the Wall

Now Dash Away, Dash Away,

Dash Dirt  Away All!

Hope you have the Merriest of Holidays and Absolutely Wonderful New Year!

Room Service! Home Staging


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