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Boca Raton Home Staging- How To Stage Your Home for the Holidays.

Everyone loves the holidays … it’s a chance to have some fun with our homes and bring out the decorations.   If your home is on the market, it doesn’t mean you have to forego any holiday decorating… just keep in mind that the same ideas for staging your home also apply to holiday decorations.

Here are some tips that will help you have a great holiday but will also allow your home to be seen by a Buyer. 

1. Your Front Door– If you place a wreath on your front door make sure it is not so large that it becomes awkward for aKeep it simple. Buyer entering your house.  Keep it simple, even a fresh green wreath can be festive.

2. Outdoor Decorations- It is best to save your giant blow-up Santa-in-a-Snow Globe for next year.  The same goes for all of the little candy canes and flashing lights.  Remember, during the day when your house is being shown, these items just look like clutter on your lawn.
This doesn’t mean you can’t put up any lights… in fact Buyers often drive by homes that are on their short list to consider, and they will drive by at night.  Carefully placed lights outlining your door or the architecture can help it stand out for them.

3. Christmas Trees-  Think Staging…. If your tree is so tall it blocks a path or the view, it’s time to consider something smaller.  If you have to move your furniture around to make room for it, creating a room that doesn’t seem to make sense or flow well…. think about no tree, a smaller tree, or a table top tree.

4.  Decorations- Keep these to a minimum and remember…use them to enhance the area.  Consider the colors you use.  For example, many of the homes in South Florida use a lot of light pink and green.  Choose decorations, in white, for example so they won’t clash.  Choose white candles over red.

You do not have to place a holiday decoration on every wall or flat space.  Pick focal areas such as a mantle, entry table, kitchen island or sofa table.  Place a grouping of 3 candlesticks , pillar holders or hurricanes on your entry table.
Add dried cranberries in the bottom of a hurricane  then place a pillar candle in the cranberries.   Fill a tall hurricane Group in threessleeve with ornaments of the same color, for example.

As in staging or home decorating, it’s better to have 1 or 2 larger accessories rather than a lot of smaller items that appear too busy.

Staging Your Home for the Holidays can help get you in the mood especially during the stressful time of trying to sell your house.  Just remember to keep it simple!


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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Ask Before You Rent Offsite Storage.

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Ask Before You Rent Offsite Storage!

If your house is on the market, chances are your Realtor, Home Stager, or your friends and family have suggested you eliminate some of the clutter in your home.  

Start Packing.. you''ll be moving soon!

Invest in an offsite storage unit.

Packing up boxes and moving them and excess furniture to your garage may not work.  Buyers still need to see if your garage really can hold 2 cars!  As a Professional Home Stager, I often suggest that my clients consider renting an offsite storage facility so that the boxes and clutter will not eat up your homes square footage.

This does not have to break the bank either… consider this, for every month your home is on the market it is costing you money, time and inconvenience.  Investing in off-site storage can help facilitate your move and get you into your new home.

What do you need to know?  First of all… you can rent month to month so you’re not locked into a long term commitment.

1.  Prices can vary from site to site even with the same company.  I found out when I spoke to a representative of  one of the larger Off-Site Storage facilities that rates revolve around real estate.   It’s just like housing… location, location location.  So when calling for rates, don’t limit yourself to the nearest facility.  There be one 5 minutes away whose rates may be less.   When possible, call the Toll Free number and speak to a national representative at least to get the various rates in  your area. 

2. Is Climate Control Available?  Not all units will have climate control.  You know the ones with the roll up doors?  Not climate controlled.  Depending upon what you’re storing and how long you’ll be storing your items, you may prefer one that has climate control.

3. What floor is available?  Again, location is key.  If you want the convenience of a first floor location, you most likely will pay extra for it.   Most have elevators but take into consideration how much you will have and if you will need any assistance when moving.

4. What season is it?  Believe it or not, there are seasons for off-site facilities.  For example, the summer rates are the real rates; typically there is less demand during the Fall or Winter months and rates are often less.

5. Live in a College town?  If you need a facility just before the end of school call ahead.  You may have a hard time finding one to lease.

6.  Get it locked in. Rates can change every day so if you call and are quoted a rate, make sure to find out when it expires.  And, when your are ready to rent, double check the quote.


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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Don’t Play the Wait and See Game!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Don’t Play the Wait & See Game!

It’s too easy NOT to put your home in Move-In Condition when you sell your house.   After all… you’re focusing on the move to your new home and you have a family and work to contend with.  Right?……
   WRONG!  Selling your house is never fun or easy and unless you just enjoy having strangers coming in and out to see your home for months on end… or unless you like having to live as if you’re in a model home for months… and unless you like paying for mortgages, utilities, etc for 2 houses… then YOUR HOUSE NEEDS TO BE IN TIP-TOP CONDITION BEFORE YOU LIST YOUR HOUSE!

Are you losing money?   

Not Staging Your house before you list it can cost you money!

Your Realtor will need to be able to post Clear and Show-Ready pictures of your house on the MLS.   Why is that so important?  87+% of Buyers will begin their search on the Internet.  Your photos need to shout Take A Look At Me!”

You can’t get an offer if no one is looking at it!

Buyers will look at DOM- Days On Market.   Typically the first 2 weeks are when your house will be in its Prime.  As DOM lengthens… Buyers will feel as if they’ve been handed a license to offer a low bid.  They will wonder why it hasn’t sold.

Remember what they say about First Impressions?  Well, it’s true.  Once a Realtor has seen a property in poor condition, it is highly unlikely that they will return even if you call and send a personal invitation.  Realtors are busier than ever with paperwork.  If they do not have clients for your now-staged house, they will probably not pay a return visit.

Don’t waste those first two weeks when your house is on the market… make sure your home is Move-In Ready!


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Interior Redesign Tips in Boca Raton- TV Screen Size vs Viewing Distance..How to Choose!

Interior Redesign Tips in Boca Raton- TV Screen Size vs Viewing Distance… How to Choose!

Many families are opting to stay in their homes these days rather than try to sell it in our less than perfect market.   And while they’re waiting…they may be contemplating doing some remodeling and updating of their

Let's paint!

What do you think of that color?

homes… either to make it the way they want it while living in it or with the possibility of placing it on the market in a few years.

You’ve decided to update your Family Living area, and in many cases that involves the new big screen television….. just great for Sunday afternoon football games or watching a DVD  on family movie night.

Now here’s where decision time comes… what size television can you buy for the room?It’s natural to want to buy the largest screen that is available for your budget.  But what about

Can we get a larger screen?

Can we get a larger screen?

some other considerations?

Here are a few questions you need to ask:

1. What is the size of your room?

2. Given your current furniture placement, how far will anyone be from the Television screen?    How close will you be?

3.  What style will mesh best with your current furniture?

4.  Will your television be the first thing someone sees when they walk in the room?

According to various sources, the optimal distance for viewing is no closer than 1.5 times the screen size and no further away than 2 times the screen size.

Using this calculation, the suggested distance for a 50″ screen would be no closer than 6.25 feet and no further than 8.3 feet away.

NOTE:  if you are planning on selling your house in the near future, keep in mind that you don’t want to buy a television so large that it dwarfs the room and becomes the focal point. 

Want to fall back in love with your house?
Why not give us a call for a Home Redesign Consultation?

Room Service!Home Staging

Kathy Streib


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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Buyers- Let Us Help You BEFORE You Buy Your Home!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- Buyers- Let Us Help You BEFORE you Buy Your Home!

Looking at house blueprings
Where shall we put the furniture?

Home Staging isn’t just for Sellers…. more and more buyers are using Staging Consultations to help them  when they buy their new home!

Does this sound familiar?  You’ve been searching for a new home…. you’ve seen countless houses… some that you immediately rule out.. and others that might go on the “maybe” list.   THEN… you think you’ve finally found your house!

BUT… will your furniture work in the living room?  Where will you put your media center?  What are some uses for this room off the kitchen?

Room Service! Home Staging recently was hired to help a Buyer decide where to put a small home office in the home she was ready to buy.    The house met her requirements… close to good schools; close to a major highway; in a desired neighborhood.  However her previous home had a designated office, where this one did not.

We met our client and toured the home and showed her how to make a living area work for her and still be useable by the rest of the family.

Here’s how a Home Stager can help you when you buy your new home:

1. If you’re unsure where to place your furniture… show us your furniture and we’ll give you a plan.
2. Not sure how to use a particular room in the house?  We’ll show you how!
3. We can assist you with paint colors!
4.  After you’re moved in, let us help you get organized!

Give us a call and let us help you enjoy your new home!

Room Service! Home Staging


Kathy Streib

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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton-Time to Get some Sense about Scents!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- It’s Time to Get some Sense about Scents! 

Buyers want to smell "Fresh"

If your home is on the market you know that Buyers are not only looking at your house…. they’re smelling it as well.

Just as you don’t want excess clutter to detract a Buyer,  you don’t want hidden, or not so hidden, odors to distract your Buyer.  Pet odors … last night’s fried fish…. smoke and being closed up can be a huge turn off to potential Buyers.  You want them to linger in your house… checking out each room…. visualizing themselves living  there.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:

1.  Don’t try to cover it up!  Lighting candles in every room is not only a fire hazard but it signals to the Buyer that you may be covering something up.

2. Baking cookies or simmering cloves  just before a showing is very last century.   Yes.. everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies but realistically can you be there to have baked cookies for every showing??

3. Don’t ignore it!!  If you have pets… chances are you have some sort of lingering odor.  Your nose may be immune to it, so ask a relative, friend or your Realtor for an honest answer…. “Does My House Smell?”


1. Do find the source of your odors!  When you live in a house… it is really easy to become immune to any lingering

Let the Fresh Air In!

odors.  Is there a mold issue?  The spices you use on a daily basis may still be in the air.  Your pets may have had an accident that you did not catch.  Window coverings, carpet, upholstered  furniture may have odors trapped in them.

2. Do try to give your house a “clean-fresh” smell…. which is probably no smell!  Weather permitting open the windows and let the fresh air in when you can.    Natural and inexpensive products like baking soda and vinegar can be used throughout the house.

3.  Get Help!  There are times when you have to bite the bullet and get professional help.  You can go on the Internet and you’ll find ozone machines that are supposed to remove odor.   I have not used one, nor do I know of anyone who has but they’re worth investigating.
Check out your local listings for companies that specialize in removing pet urine odors,

Help your house sell itself….and Get some Sense about Scents!

For More Information :

Room Service! Home Staging


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Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

This may not be the time to move but you desperately want a change.  Knocking down walls and reworking plumbing in your current home may not be something you or your budget wants to tackle now but nothing says you have to keep everything the same.

Try these easy projects to put the WOW back into your bathroom.

1. Mirrors– most of us have the builder basic 1 big mirror over our vanities.  If you’ve lived in your home long enough you may be seeing some desilvering around the edges.  One of the easiest fixes is to frame your existing mirror.

Measure you mirror and make a trip to your local hardware store.   Pick out some molding… have it cut… stain it if necessary.. and New Mirror!!

You don’t have to frame the whole mirror.. take a look-

Mirror within a Mirror!

2.  Lights-  If your bathroom has the same light fixtures that came with your home it may be time to make a change.  This is especially true if your lights are the long strip with large round bulbs.

Nice but very basic.

New lights can add some pizzaz

3. Fixtures-  This one might require some extra help but is so worth it.  Take a look at your current plumbing fixtures and cabinet pulls.  Going online or to your local hardware store will give you an idea of what’s currently “in”.

New fixtures can make a big difference!

4. Paint- Once you have decided on new mirrors, fixtures and lighting and before you do anything else you will probably want to consider painting.   And, you may want to paint your cabinets.

5. Artwork!  Bathroom art doesn’t have to be about…. bathrooms!  So take down the cute pictures of a little girl sitting on the commode and choose pieces just like you would for the rest of your house.

Pick pieces you like


Put the WOW back into your Bathrooms!

For more information call us at
Room Service! Home Staging
Kathy Streib

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