Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton-Time to Get some Sense about Scents!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- It’s Time to Get some Sense about Scents! 

Buyers want to smell "Fresh"

If your home is on the market you know that Buyers are not only looking at your house…. they’re smelling it as well.

Just as you don’t want excess clutter to detract a Buyer,  you don’t want hidden, or not so hidden, odors to distract your Buyer.  Pet odors … last night’s fried fish…. smoke and being closed up can be a huge turn off to potential Buyers.  You want them to linger in your house… checking out each room…. visualizing themselves living  there.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:

1.  Don’t try to cover it up!  Lighting candles in every room is not only a fire hazard but it signals to the Buyer that you may be covering something up.

2. Baking cookies or simmering cloves  just before a showing is very last century.   Yes.. everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies but realistically can you be there to have baked cookies for every showing??

3. Don’t ignore it!!  If you have pets… chances are you have some sort of lingering odor.  Your nose may be immune to it, so ask a relative, friend or your Realtor for an honest answer…. “Does My House Smell?”


1. Do find the source of your odors!  When you live in a house… it is really easy to become immune to any lingering

Let the Fresh Air In!

odors.  Is there a mold issue?  The spices you use on a daily basis may still be in the air.  Your pets may have had an accident that you did not catch.  Window coverings, carpet, upholstered  furniture may have odors trapped in them.

2. Do try to give your house a “clean-fresh” smell…. which is probably no smell!  Weather permitting open the windows and let the fresh air in when you can.    Natural and inexpensive products like baking soda and vinegar can be used throughout the house.

3.  Get Help!  There are times when you have to bite the bullet and get professional help.  You can go on the Internet and you’ll find ozone machines that are supposed to remove odor.   I have not used one, nor do I know of anyone who has but they’re worth investigating.
Check out your local listings for companies that specialize in removing pet urine odors,

Help your house sell itself….and Get some Sense about Scents!

For More Information :

Room Service! Home Staging



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Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

Interior ReDesign in Boca Raton- Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

This may not be the time to move but you desperately want a change.  Knocking down walls and reworking plumbing in your current home may not be something you or your budget wants to tackle now but nothing says you have to keep everything the same.

Try these easy projects to put the WOW back into your bathroom.

1. Mirrors– most of us have the builder basic 1 big mirror over our vanities.  If you’ve lived in your home long enough you may be seeing some desilvering around the edges.  One of the easiest fixes is to frame your existing mirror.

Measure you mirror and make a trip to your local hardware store.   Pick out some molding… have it cut… stain it if necessary.. and New Mirror!!

You don’t have to frame the whole mirror.. take a look-

Mirror within a Mirror!

2.  Lights-  If your bathroom has the same light fixtures that came with your home it may be time to make a change.  This is especially true if your lights are the long strip with large round bulbs.

Nice but very basic.

New lights can add some pizzaz

3. Fixtures-  This one might require some extra help but is so worth it.  Take a look at your current plumbing fixtures and cabinet pulls.  Going online or to your local hardware store will give you an idea of what’s currently “in”.

New fixtures can make a big difference!

4. Paint- Once you have decided on new mirrors, fixtures and lighting and before you do anything else you will probably want to consider painting.   And, you may want to paint your cabinets.

5. Artwork!  Bathroom art doesn’t have to be about…. bathrooms!  So take down the cute pictures of a little girl sitting on the commode and choose pieces just like you would for the rest of your house.

Pick pieces you like


Put the WOW back into your Bathrooms!

For more information call us at
Room Service! Home Staging
Kathy Streib

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Interior Redesign in Boca Raton- Have a Room That’s a Puzzle to You?

Interior Redesign in Boca Raton- Have a Room That’s a Puzzle to You?

We’ve all had them… that one room in your house that you never get just the way you want it.  It can look like a jigsaw puzzle… right?

What is this room???

You’ve moved into your home, unpacked and hung your pictures.  You are now settled in… EXCEPT… there’s that one room that you’ve never taken the time to get just the way you want it.

Why wait any longer… and You don’t have to start from scratch.  Room Service! Home Staging can help you put the WOW into that room.  We’ll work with you to discover what you want that room to be... try to work with what you already have and suggest to you what you can add to enhance it.

We worked with this client to give their guest bathroom a more polished look.   You don’t have to knock down walls and empty your wallet to have a room you will enjoy.

Many times all it takes is…………………..

  *  Fresh Paint
*   New Fixtures
*  Updated Lighting
*  Fresh Towels
*  Some Imagination!

Room Service! Home Staging can provide you with a Consultation that will give you a “blueprint” of steps that you can take on your own… in your own time frame.  Or, we can do the work for you.  It’s your home…  your game plan!

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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to Do with all that Clutter!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What Do you Do with all that Clutter!

Unless you’ve been in hiding, the big “D” word in staging is DECLUTTER!  If your home is on the market, you’ve heard this from your Realtor, your good friends, your mother, HGTV and your friendly Home Stager.

It’s easier said than done… right!  It’s all you can do to work, get your home sold, pack and get the new house ready.  BUT… this is a job that must be tackled.  You need Buyers to be able to see what they’re buying… and what they’re buying is NOT your stuff. 

Take a look at this Boca Raton Bathroom:

I think there might be a counter here!

Now a Buyer can see that there's a counter!

See what a difference just packing up your “Stuff” can make!

You’ve heard this before … but the best place to begin is right in front of you.  Get large boxes or bags and sort:

First Rule- if you haven’t used /worn it in a year… if you can replace it should you need it… then toss it or donate it.

Pile 1-Trash– This is probably the easiest pile.  You’d be amazed at what things you have around that really need to be just tossed.  Items that can’t be repaired; items that absolutely no one would want or could use.. belong here.

Pile 2- Donate it- Now this is where you get your conscience to help you… think of that business suit that still fits you but you don’t wear anymore.  There are people out there who would love a professional outfit to wear to work.  Dress For Success helps women hoping to enter the work force.

Pile 3-Pack it– Yes there are items that will go with you to your new house, however except for those items you use daily, pack up everything else.  You’re going to anyway when you move, so why not get started now.

You can go to your local Target or other home store and purchase inexpensive storage bins for those items that you do keep.

Don’t forget Cleaning and DeCluttering can bring you a 586% Return On Your Investment!

Room Service! Home Staging
Kathy Streib

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Interior Redesign Tips in Boca Raton- How Can ReDesign Help Me?

Interior ReDesign Tips for Boca Raton- How Can ReDesign Help Me?

Home Staging is a word that many are already familiar with, thanks to HGTV.   But what is ReDesign and how can it help me?

Unlike Home Staging Interior ReDesign is guided by what YOU want from your home; in Home Staging, our guide is based on what potential Buyers want… what is important to them.

With many Homeowners opting to stay in their current homes rather than move to something  newer, larger  or just different… Interior ReDesign can help you put the “WOW” back into your home.  And, in some cases, help you finally like a particular room in your house.

With Interior ReDesign we can:

*Help you figure out just how to place the furniture in your unusually shaped room
*Help you with paint colors that will give your room the look you want.
*Help you put on the Final Touch to a room that’s Almost There!
*Help you bring your house into this century!

To the extent that we can, we’ll work with what you have and make suggestions on accessories or pieces that you may want to add.  If time is tight, we can do the shopping for you.

Take a look:

What to do with this wall?

The wall is now a great focal point

We used columns the homeowner already had, and added a glass top.  Taking art that our client  wanted to feature and adding some smaller accessories… look at what a difference it made.

Call us Now!
Room Service! Home Staging
Kathy Streib

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Home Staging Tips In Boca Raton- What to do with that LONG Room!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- What to do with that Long Room!

For Sale

Help me Sell My house

If you’re selling your house, whether in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, or anywhere in the country… you’ll need to help Buyers see each room’s possibilities.    If they are walking through your house wondering what to do with “that” room or whether their Queen-sized bed will fit, then your chances of getting that offer can diminish.

For example, because we love to entertain and we live a casual lifestyle in South Florida, many of the homes have an open floor plan with the family room and dining area combined.  This works out beautifully when we do entertain, but if your house is vacant or even if it’s occupied, you need to show a Buyer just how the room can ‘live”.

Without furniture, a combination family and dining area can look like a long bowling alley.  Take a look:

where will everything go?


This is a wonderful room with plenty of light.  But not everyone will be able to “see” where they need to place their furniture.



It doesn’t take much…. just enough to let the buyer envision themselves in this room!

Now you can see how you might "live" in the room.



Call Room Service! Home Staging for more information!


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Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton- STOP! Before You Zap the Personality Out of Your House… Put Down that Can Of White Paint!

Home Staging Tips in Boca Raton.. Stop! Before you zap the Personality out of your house… put down that can of white paint!

If your home is on the market or if you’re considering it,  you’ve probably heard this… ” You need to give all the walls a fresh coat of white paint to make it neutral.”

Before you touch that can of white paint you need to know this….. all white walls can ZAP the personality right out of a house!  Yes, fresh paint is an inexpensive and great way to make your house move-in ready but  neutral doesn’t mean bland.

White does have its place…. white walls can make a darker wall “pop”…. white trip against a neutral taupe wall will give the a clean and crisp look….. you can use white to highlight architectural detail!

But take a look:

This living room certainly was neat and presentable, but we used Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer to show our Sellers how adding a neutral wall color would give the room some warmth.

This office now has a warm feeling!

Before you list your house make sure it’s “show” ready!  Contact Room Service! Home Staging and ask about our very popular Home Staging Consultation!  We’ll provide all the details, including paint suggestions, so you can make sure your home stands out in the competition!

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